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y u m . . .
7 September 2012

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sitting pretty . . .
17 November 2010

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15 July 2009

Recent Comments

mauro brando on chairs
Beautiful colors!!! Excellent composition!!! Great shot!!!

Sarah on chairs
Hi Dulcie! Are you back?!

Chris Pereira on chairs
beautiful colors

Irene on chairs
Excellent color combination.

Anina Botes on chairs
This is stunning. Lovely colors

MissT on chairs
Beautiful, intense light!

M. David Taub on chairs
wonderful light, color, welcome home, D....

L'Angevine on chairs

Elaine Hancock on chairs
Beautiful light and colors! Looks so inviting! Glad you are back!

Steve Rice on chairs
Good to see you back! I love the light and colors.

Devon on sans titre
Still my favorite of everything you've shot. I added it as my masthead of my facebook profile a couple years ago ...

Devon on I know I can do this...if my pants don't fall down
I was just flipping back through some of these. This one really amuses me.

alex centrella on Hyacinth Happy
fantastic shot, great colors..

Curly on Hyacinth Happy
Aw....c'mon........time for a few more? :-)

Anita on dejeunier

Anita on still life with lemons
Nice arrangement. Lovely lighting.

Shaahin Bahremand on Hyacinth Happy
magnificent shot and idea

Gardening cuz on Hyacinth Happy
Last shot for a while? Glad to see it--of all the garden and Panorama planting s, we have no hyacinths nor their lovely ...

Gardening cuz on pink . . .
Just found this old favorite of late--light and veined and also fragrant! Looks like wonderful ice cream.

Gardening cuz on orchids : 3/3
Love the eye and reflection of this with outer and inner visions of loveliness.

rem_la on Hyacinth Happy
c'est joliment composé

Chris Pereira on Hyacinth Happy
great colors and texture! happy (belated) easter!

Sarah on still life with lemons
Beautifully done, Dulcie.

Devon on still life with lemons
Really lovely composition. I found me some eggs!

Florence on Hyacinth Happy
Spring icon ! Great composition and nice juxtaposition of effects, and textures.

Shaahin Bahremand on Hyacinth Happy
wow ! perfect shot

Wendy by the Sound on i'm visiting oregon . . .
Glad you keep trekking North. Old news but such s great phoo like the old stereo graphs

Wendy by the Sound on pink . . .
This I love, dainty and true to her colors with fragrance suggestions ...

Wendy by the Sound on y u m . . .
Eating with Gale? What a beauty and set design. Cannot imagine taking the first brseccorite...lucious?

Wendy by the Sound on 99numberhunt_5
Thus camera, too? Thinking about upgrading to Credo so AT&T does not squander my money I pay on injustice bad ...

Wendy by the Sound on a slice of pizza on a shiny plate
Another naughty meal? A Rey tasty shot and images that make me remember pizza before rice tortillas and garlic virgin ...

Wendy by the Sound on Series Martinez : Sun-flare
I thought so--we were there on veteran's day

Wendy by the Sound on Series Martinez : For Lease
There are loads of numbers there;). What a commentary on our little cherished villages.

Wendy by the Sound on #99numberhunt_57
How fun you are on an image treasure hunt! Why am I reading backwards like my mom reads the newspaper ? Looks like a ...

Wendy by the Sound on the world at my feet
Actual colors or did you design your way into y fall colors?

Wendy by the Sound on Series Martinez : Courthouse Reflected
Reflections within are really a design and metaphoric delight!

Wendy by the Sound on Series Martinez : McDonald's
What a stellar architectural design and paint job with the Mac Donald's eyesore

Wendy by the Sound on 'tis the season
Again, family Christmas gathers that were so precious with Hazel and Pop and ALL of us in those days...ESP love that ...

Wendy by the Sound on 'tis the season
Why is the company logo backwards? Again, my kind of " fairy land" memories only of Longview.

Wendy by the Sound on 'tis the season
I swear I am THERE...such clarity and color!

Wendy by the Sound on party time, two
He is a love and I am looking backwards. Thought that was who showed up ghostly by that powerful cake which I can ...

Wendy by the Sound on party time, too
For me? What new camera? We need to talk--wish you would fly up! See us and now we are an hr from SeaTac and mom.

Wendy by the Sound on the gift
Reminds me of you Lindsay wrappers, ESP. Dee first and then you--so lovely it is too fine to open!

Wendy by the Sound on last days of the old Danville Hotel
Tearing it down? B/w apropos but I prefer the colors. Too sad and final in b/w, we all go that way BUT NOT YET!

Wendy by the Sound on kitty kitty
What a dear face and eyes you could easily fall into!

Wendy by the Sound on ST: chewing on my leather camera strap
Now that I can relate to--eek the teeth...

Evelyne Dubos on Hyacinth Happy
Nicely presented, interesting result.

Phil on Hyacinth Happy
Nice flower and good processing , Phil

M. David Taub on Hyacinth Happy
nicely done, Dulcie, and same best wishes for you and yours...

Mhelene on Hyacinth Happy
Very beautiful composition . Happy Easter to you !

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